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Rubenesque collection

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Autumn  ׀  Winter 2022



We have created a very selective distribution network nationwide and its scope is to provide its customers with a range of products able to meet all their needs and preferences but also able to adjust to the present market and financial conditions.

For this reason, Accordo has built a solid and loyal cooperation with some of the most important suppliers in the field, who occupy a leading position in the global market and innovative collections in terms of design and quality but also very good service and competitive pricing when needed.

We take pride in offering to society products which are non-harmful to the ecosystem yet not compromising on quality. Forward-thinking sustainability is engrained in our company culture.

In the past 20 years, we have contributed, through our partners, to hundreds of projects. In our collection there are products for every need in contract business.

Established in 2001, we have grown to be a prestigious household fabric brand name in the home furnishing scene.

Our goal is to sustain the quality of its services and the supply of the most competitive and innovative products moving forward in order to always comply with the market’s needs.

Established suppliers with international recognition and high quality standards

Accordo's collection consists of products from selected suppliers who stand out for their aesthetics and the unique variety of fabrics, linens, carpets and other products that cover every need for decoration.

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