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Passion for fabrics


Accordo S.A. was established in 2001 by George Stambolitis and Vassilis Kirkitziotis and is active in the field of interior decoration, importing interior design fabrics, wallpapers, throws, linen, rugs, kid’s accessories other home accessories.

Accordo has created a very selective distribution network nationwide and its scope is to provide its customers with a range of products able to meet all their needs and preferences but also able to adjust to the present market and financial conditions.



ΓFor this reason, Accordo has built a solid and loyal cooperation with some of the most important suppliers in the field, who occupy a leading position in the global market and innovative collections in terms of design and quality but also very good service and competitive pricing when needed.


Accordo’s cooperation with the Group of Companies of Bru Textiles, which is actually one of the most prominent and successful group of companies in its sector, provides the customers with access to a unique range of products which enjoy global awareness for their excellent quality level, their innovative composition and structure, their rich color range and their competitive prices. Their unprecedented success is due to the expertise, the ongoing research, the scientific know how and the excellent internal organization, offer one of the best and fastest services worldwide thus providing its customers with a unique competitive advantage. ποιότητα, την πρωτοποριακή σύνθεση, το πλούσιο χρωματολόγιο και τις ανταγωνιστικές τιμές τους.

Our company offers in the Greek market exclusively the FibreGuard fabrics with Stain Free technology, very easy cleaning, regardless the stain, making them the ultimate fabric for upholstering your furniture. FibreGuard Pro is a FibreGuard enhanced product, which has been woven for extra protection and has been designed to meet the demanding nature of hospitality and care facility environments. This performance textile maintains the FibreGuard promise of stain free technology, with much more. It is durable, odour, moisture and mildew resistant, making this the perfect antimicrobial fabric. The UV PRO & FiberGuard OUTDOOR collections are designed for outdoor use with high resistance to sun and water. The FR One range which offers the most innovative and competitive range of fire retardant products in the world and through its continuous research and quality control offers the safest and most competent product mix able to meet all the needs of the contract field. Finally, with the double width curtains BRU WIDE, the wallpapers by COVERS and the Fabric Library line which is the economic range of Bru, Accordo is covering all fields of expertise.

Accordo’s goal is to sustain the quality of its services and the supply of the most competitive and innovative products moving forward in order to always comply with the market’s needs.


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