We're here to make your life as easy as possible, to limit your daily interactions with cleaning products as much as we can! From ketchup and red wine to coffee and ink, FibreGuard fabrics are simply easy to clean. Common household stains, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, ketchup, lipstick, mayonnaise, mud, oil, pen, red wine, silly putty, yoghurt, wax crayon, and many more stain-causing items, are just no match for FibreGuard’s easy clean technology. All accidental stains can be removed using only water, but should you have a tougher stain, a small amount of standard, white, household soap, can be used. It is good to remember though that immediate stain removal will ensure the best result. The stain-free properties in your FibreGuard fabrics will last long after washing or heavy use. If you have a favourite spot to spill your juice or sauce, the stains can be just as easily removed. See the four FibreGuard fabric cleaning steps below:


For stains like mud, ketchup, lipstick or silly putty, you’ll need to get a teaspoon. Remove any stain residue with the edge of the teaspoon or a flat utensil. For other stains like pen or coffee, you won’t need to do this. We created a series of videos to show you how to remove any kind of stain on our easy-clean fabrics. Watch those videos on our Youtube channel.

Watch those videos on FibreGuard's Youtube channel.


Apply water to the stain and blot using a white paper towel. Do not do the circular motion rub trick because it’ll just rip your paper towel & drive the fibres from it into your fabric. Repeat the process until you can’t see the stain on the paper towel anymore.


Apply more water to the area and rub with gentle movements with a microfibre cloth. Use soap for stubborn stains. Any white bar of soap will do, whatever you have in the house. Now you can do the circular motion rub trick. It’s OK. When using soap, use intermittently. Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed.


This is really important. Don’t use a hairdryer or apply heat to the stain in any way. Just air dry. It’s fine.

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